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Thank you all for attending P.A.C.E. 2017 New England! See you all next time!

The Best Criminal Interdiction Training in the Northeast!

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"It's not hard to find a drug trafficker. Itís hard to catch a drug trafficker trafficking."

Topics include:
  • Electronic Hydraulic Hidden Compartments
  • Hotel/Motel Investigations
  • About this training:

    It's not a hunch if your discoveries are based on "Training and Experience".
    This fast paced, information packed school combines lecture and hands-on training with total participation in the always evolving tactics of Passenger and Commercial Vehicle Criminal Interdiction. At P.A.C.E. you will learn the local and national trends in drug trafficking and the latest methods of contraband detection for countering traffickers.

    Also, Search and Seizure: Get the MOST up to date information in case law. The MOST important block of instruction for ALL police officers!

    This seminar features techniques and methods from the best of the best:
    • Attorney John S Scheft, Esq, Search and Seizure / Current New England Trends
    • Sgt Mike Connor, Maryland State Police, Pro Active Criminal Enforcement
    • Hotel-Motel Interdiction / Commercial Interdiction: New Jersey State Police (retired)

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    Contraband is traveling through our community, everyday, unabated. Its YOUR duty to intercept!

    P.A.C.E. (Pro Active Criminal Enforcement) New England