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Testimonials and Photos

Don't let defense attorneys put words in your mouth!
It's not a hunch if your discoveries are based on "Training and Experience"!

Check this out from P.A.C.E. grads putting their skills to work!

This trap was located by Trooper on MA-495. Notice what was observed from the glove box.
Notice the after factory modification to the vent: silver metal tin around the vent. Photo of the dash of "trap" closed.
Notice the "window tape" which allows the radio to come out allowing access to the built in void behind the dash. Photo of the dash "trap" opened.
Photo of the rear seat.
Photo of the bottom of rear seat with the trap open.
And finally, the US currency which was found inside the dash board trap; wrapped in cellophane and elastics. The rear seat trap was empty.

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  • 24 hours after P.A.C.E. training, a Massachusetts State Trooper and recent P.A.C.E. attendee locates an electronically controlled concealed compartment inside a motor vehicle with 800 oxy pills.

  • A Rhode Island Trooper and recent P.A.C.E. attendee stops a vehicle and locates an electronically controlled, concealed compartment which was found to contain cocaine and heroin.

  • Two Boston police Officers and also recent P.A.C.E. attendees stop a vehicle and locate TWO electronically controlled, concealed compartments which contained cocaine and heroin.

  • A young police officer of a "quiet" coastal community attends PACE training. He returns to patrol and affects a mv stop for a cross walk violation. All sorts of indicators are detected and with the newly acquired training, the officer locates and accesses an after factory installed, hidden compartment with the largest drug seizure in his community's history!

  • A police officer on "routine patrol" in Foxboro affects a mv stop. After conversation with the sole occupant, the good SGT detects numerous criminal indicators. A K9 scan of the vehicle results in alert to narcotic odor emanating from the vehicle. Training and experience resulted in the location and access of a hidden compartment installed in the airbag with over 100 grams of cocaine packaged and ready for distribution in its community!

  • A police officer affects a mv stop on Rte 20 in Sturbridge. Again, training and experience results in a K9 scan and the location of an after factory hidden compartment secreted within the minivan. kilo of heroin seized!

  • A Sgt stops a vehicle Rte 90 west bound and detects all sorts of criminal indicators and requests back up. It was learned this vehicle had been stopped and searched in the past. Training and experience of this veteran PACE attendee results in a trap being located and the seizure of $55,000 in U.S. currency!!!

  • A Trooper stops a vehicle Rte 84 east bound: detects all sorts of criminal indicators, K9 scan results in an alert to the presence of narcotic odor emanating from the vehicle. A lawful search results in the locating of over 1000 grams of cocaine hidden in the airfilter!

  • A motor vehicle stop on Rte 93 North bound in Massachusetts resulting in deception again. Again a K9 "alert" and this time the discovery of an after factory electronically controlled compartment discovered under the rear seat.....500 grams of pure heroin!

  • A motor vehicle stop in Sturbridge Mass resulted in a vehicle with two "traps!!" One was empty (but HUGE!) and the second has loaded with $10,000 and 60 Oxy "80's!!!"

  • A PACE graduate working seatbelt enforcement in the city of Brockton, stops a vehicle and detects criminal indicators. A search reveals a "compartment" secreted inside a baby seat in the back seat with drugs and cash!

  • Another PACE graduate affects a motor vehicle stop on Rte 290 in Auburn. All the training comes to fruition resulting in the seizure of 750 grams of heroin hidden in the sidewall of a van!

  • Less then 24 hours after attending this school, a group of detectives utilizing training they attributed to P.A.C.E. located and accessed an electrically controlled "trap" with 1/2 kilogram of cocaine.

  • A fairly new "Boot" Trooper returned to his very next patrol shift after attending P.A.C.E and seized 150 grams of pure heroin that was hidden in a very elaborate hide inside a sedan. The Trooper stated he never would have located the contraband if not for his newly gained training and backup from a P.A.C.E. member.

  • Immediately following the seminar, detectives from various departments returned to their impound yard and re-searched "seized" vehicles they acquired from past narcotic investigations. Three separate detectives located after-factory compartments inside vehicles, all loaded with contraband that may otherwise have never been located.

  • A newly trained Trooper stopped to assist an out-of-gas motorist. Using basic, courteous conversation with the operator the Trooper detected a series of "criminal indicators" he learned of at the seminar. The Trooper used his newly gained information and worked the encounter into a seizure. An after-factory compartment was located inside the vehicle containing a 1/2 kilogram (500 grams) of pure heroin as well as 200 grams of cocaine. After the seizure, all the Trooper could say was, "it was just like they said at P.A.C.E.!"

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